Illustrator and Designer


Sean O’Brien is a Brighton based Illustrator who uses visual language to explore character-driven narratives and drawing led projects with Minute Books. His core practice involves observational drawing, visual scribing, writing and taking a pencil for a walk. Sean uses traditional drawing-based methods alongside digital colouring to capture the fun and playful moments in everyday life. He has worked with Tortoise Media, The Barbican, Cancer Research UK and has also co-directed two projects with Minute Books which were featured on It's Nice That.

Previous Clients

It's Nice That, Tortoise Media, Barbican, Somerset House, Cancer Research UK, My Tutor, It's Nice That


The Society of British and International Design: "Designed for Business Student competition" finalist 2018.


It's Nice That, 31 Nights in EU, 2020.

The Observer, Women's World Cup, 2019

It's Nice That, Women's World Cup, 2019

with Ruby Boddington.


Minute Books with Sean O'Brien, Barney Fagan, Scott Coleman, and Laurie Avon.

Minute Books, Women's World Cup with Ruby Boddington and Will Knight.

Sister Supporter X Everpress with Connie Noble.